Bedat & Co watches

Bedat & Co watches


In 1931 in Lugnez, near Porrentruy, Simone Bédat began at the Lang SA watch-case manufacturer at the age of fifteen and a half.

In 1934 she became head clerk of the sales department.

After around 10 years she  joining the Camy watch company in Geneva, where she worked in close cooperation with a certain Raymond Weil who was to be

Bedat & Co watches
Bedat & Co watches

appointed Managing Director.

In 1975, she left Camy and joined forces to create the Raymond Weil brand

In 1989 The brand became the 5th leading Swiss watch exporter

In 1995, Simone Bédat decided to sell her (24%) stake to Mr. Raymond Weil.

In 1996, She left the firm, along with her son, Christian, who had joined the company in 1990 and exercised various responsibilities, ultimately becoming art director.

In 1996 Christian and Simone Bedat founded the Bedat & Co of Geneve Watch Company.

In 2000 the company taken into the fold of the Gucci Watch Group Bedat is renowned for its collections who stay true in name to watches and time itself

Bedat & Co watches
Bedat & Co watches

in the universal simplicity of numbers comprising

In 2003 Launch of the N°1 collection.

In 2004 Launch of the N°8 collection.

In 2006, She leaves the company

IN 2007 The company celebrates its 10th birthday

IN 2008 Launch of the N° 2 collection.Launch of the 1st ever BEDAT & C° boutique in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

2009 Aquisition of BEDAT & C° by Luxury Concepts.BEDAT & C° remains a 100% Swiss company with distribution on 5 continents.

In Bedat & Co comprises you can find 5 collections. Each collection is has a number: 1, 2, 3, 7 and 8. Numbers, instead of names, and this is the best identifications of collection. The numbers is easy to remember and easy to translated through different languages throughout the world.

Each of these numbers corresponds to specific shape:

N°1: Square-shaped cases curved at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock

N°2: Oval-shaped cases

N°3: Tonneau-shaped cases

N°7: Rectangular-shaped cases curved at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock

N°8: “Round in a cushion” shaped cases


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