The Apple Watch To buy or not to Buy

Is Apple watch for you?

The Apple Watch To buy or not to Buy
The Apple Watch To buy or not to Buy

The Apple Watch To buy or not to Buy

As apple watch owner, I feel I would like to write about apple watch today just like the other millions out there who already did, I do not know what different I will make but let me say what I feel about it.

While everyone agrees that Apple watch is the best fitness gadget out there. I am strongly dis-agreed.

First, let me tell you, why I purchase it??. I am an active person, always like to track my movement, so, I used fitbit and Jawbone way before the apple watch. Each had its pro and con, so I was so eager to get Apple watch thinking it will solve the entire problems but obviously it did not as some of you may agree with me, I am sure some of Apple colt will strongly disagree with me but let me show you why.

I loved fitbit because I was able to do the following

fitbit flix
fitbit flix
  • Count my steps (I know there is a millions things out there can do the same task)
  • Track my sleep (it is very important for me which apple never thought about it). When you learn how many good hours of sleep you did after you wake up, You do not think this is important part of your fitness!!
  • Through the years and since fitbit comes out with their gadget, I own several of them, but the one particularly I loved the most called fitbit One. Through fitbit One, I was able to track one important thing extra which was my steps up and down on the stair (I still wondering why apple could not come up with small important task like that).

I was very happy with fitbit One but I lost several of them and I got tired of keep buying replacement again.  Fitbit one was not one you cam wear around your wrest but they design it to be hanged on your built or the ladies bra which was a nightmare for me as I kept losing it from my built. So, I have to change to another type to wear around my wrest (fitbit Flex). This comes with less option so I could not count my steps up and down

The great part in fitbit that when I wake up you do not only count the sleeping hours but you can see how good or bad your sleeping was.  Also another good thing about fitbit products that you can wear it all the time, wake up, sleeping, running or especially under the shower.

In my case, if I take anything out, it is not easy for me to remember to wear back after I finish, I always forget and this is my number one problem with Apple watch. I have it off more that I have it on because I place it on the charger or take it off during the shower and forget to wear it back for mostly for few days.

Then, one day during my visit to Apple store, my eyes seen the slick and good design one called Jawbone which I purchase it immediately, I can say, it is only great design, oh no, I forget to mention another great thing about this company which is customer service when you call to replace it which happened too many time during the several once I purchased.

I usually wake up late to run under the shower then I remember the Jawbone still on, oh not again.

fitbit one
fitbit one

This plus several other options that I was not crazy about the Jawbone products

  • The manual sync, I have to connect it to my iPhone in the middle of my walking or running to add everything up and get an update. I know later on they got the wireless option but at this time I moved because more other reason
  • It will be damage if you forget to take it out during the shower
  • The Jawbone sync’s cover can be lost very easy, it looks very ugly without cover so you have to keep it on the shilf until you buy another cover
  • The button was easy to be rusted, defective or lost.

I do not know how good the new Jawbone now is? But the first generation I owned was look like they rush it out for us before it was ready.

That was why I was ready for the new Apple watch with my anticipation that Apple will fix everything. This is how we usually look at Apple; they will fix our life problems just with one product.

Let me tell my experience with the iPad so you can understand why I believe Apple can fix our entire problem with one product.

I am frequent traveler, my carry on bag use to have several books to read on the flight, bus or train more than anything else. So, the e-reader start to come out and I was so eager to get one. When the Nook comes out, I was ready but my friend told me Apple is coming out with one and it will be the answer so I believed him and waited. When Apple announcement the iPad will, I was the first one who pays for one and First to receive it by mail. He was absolutely correct.

With the iPad, I have all my books, my document, my Pictures, my notes and all my life in small iPad that I took with me everywhere, Amazing. Later on, I change my phone to iPhone to sync with my iPad then my laptop to mac air to complete the circle for devices continuity and become one of the apple colt after all my years working and study the Microsoft.

From here you can understand my expectation from Apple why was that high? Just like they say “The Higher Your Expectations, the Greater Your Disappointments”

When the Apple watch announcement comes, I was in my way for my long vacation. I did not pay in advance because I will not receive it before my vacation, so I waited, when I returned I make an appointment at one of the apple store to purchase a new one and I have it since.

Now, I have the Apple watch for almost a year, so let us look at all option together.

  • The heartbeat is one of my favor tracking option which I was looking forward to
  • Just as I explained above about my experience with the tracking gadget, Apple did not give us any extra option that we are not able to get from any of the sport tracker already in the market, matter fact I feel some of the sport tracker out there could give us much better result than the Apple watch.
  • Before you buy it ask your friend who owns one, how many time he used Apple Watch to answers the phone, text or email using Apple watch. Please ask him to think before he answers to this question.
  • I understand It is great when you are wondering in the house fare from your phone then you receive an important call, email or text from work
  • I was looking forward to Apple watch to control my iPhone music choice during my run or walk while my phone rapped around my arm but I am looking forward when I listen to my music and register my run leaving my phone at home.
  • The battery time killing me because I am not able to stay a full day until I charge it specially my business day is long.
  • I have my watch on my charger more often than on my rest because I use to wear my watch 24/7, I am looking for Apple watch that I can wear 24/7, charge remotely and go with me under the shower or in the water.
  • I own several smart watches and I do not believe Apple is the only smart watch out there. Before you spent this amount of money remember there are other choices you may like, look at Motto 360, LG, Samsung and others to compare and see if apple watch for you.
  • I do not feel bad when I glance at my watch to see some of my messages during the meeting than others who get their phone out because I feel it is rude to give the phone more attention while some on speaking.
  • Apple watch is not a timepiece that you will keep in your collection for your children; if you own iphone 6S now, do you remember where your iphone 2 is?

You have to remember before you buy Apple watch, you must own iPhone 5 or better to communicate with your Apple watch or $10 watch will do better for you.

So what I am looking for the upcoming Apple watch

  • Sleep tracking
  • Better battery – much better
  • Stairs tracking
  • Water resistance is must
  • Calories life calculation during workout
  • Less independence on the iPhone

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