The Victorinox Swiss Army

The Victorinox Swiss Army


Karl Elsender and his mother Victoria open the cutlery shop in Ibach-Schwyz, a small town in Switzerland


the company creates it’s first knife for the Swiss Military


to design and sell knives, the original founder Karl Elsener was interested in making the best products possible while providing jobs for as many workers as possible. When he quickly succeeded on the knife front, the company decided to branch out and start making other products. Their initial foray into other areas was an expansion into the watch-making industry. And the company

The Victorinox Swiss Army
The Victorinox Swiss Army

legally registers the name Swiss “Officer’s and sa3Sport


Following the death of his mother, Karl Elsener introduces the brand name Victoria in her honor. The iconic Cross and Shield emblem is registered as a trademark. The signature cross and shield type emblem is a hallmark of every Swiss Army Watch.


Karl Elsener coined the name Victorinox, combining his mother’s name, Victoria, with “inox” an abbreviation for the french name of the new “stainless” steel, which is “inoxydable”


The “Original Swiss Army Knife” makes it’s way around the world as GIs become familiar with it in WWII, and is sold at PXs around the world.

The Victorinox Swiss Army
The Victorinox Swiss Army


Victorinox enters the Timepiece market in the US, under the “Swiss Army” trademark, the first Swiss Army Watches


Victorinox decides to start designating all watches sa7worldwide with “Victorinox Swiss Army” on the dial, a transition that will take a few years.


the company celebrates its 125th anniversary with the new slogan “125 Years – Your Partner for Life”, many new product introductions, limited editions and other events.

The Victorinox Swiss Army
The Victorinox Swiss Army


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