Zenith watch

Zenith watch

Zenith traces its history to 1843, making it one of the oldest Swiss watch manufacturers. Zenith is best known for the high beat El Primero movement – revolutionary when first created, and still powering some of the finest watches ever produced. Please join us as we discuss Zenith.

Zenith watch
Zenith watch


Georges-Emile Favre-Bulle founds “Georges Favre-Jacot & Cie.” From the beginning, he uses standardized interchangeable parts for his watches and aims at high precision.


Ten years after the company was founded, it employs one third of the working population of Le Locle.


The company is awarded a Gold Medal at the Swiss Z6National Fair in Geneva.


The movement named “Zenith” (It called, “Terminus” before) gave the name to all products of George Favre-Jacot & Cie. in the early 20th century.

Zenith watch
Zenith watch


The company wins a Gold Medal at the World Fair in Paris.


First prize in a precision contest of the Neuenburg observatory.


Branch office in Moscow (Other branch offices: Paris 1909, Vienna 1910, London 1914, New York 1926). The Italian State Railways buy 8,500 Zenith watches for their employees.


Zenith watch sets a new precision record at the Z7Neuenburg observatory with 22.8 points. The previous record had been 19.9 points.


Another Zenith watch even tops this result with a new record of 24.3 points.

Zenith watch
Zenith watch


At the age of 67, Georges Favre-Bulle retires. The company is renamed to “Fabrique des Montres Zenith”


Zenith produces the first wristwatches.


Georges-Emile Favre-Bulle dies on May 19 at the age of 73.


In a precision contest of the Kew Observatory (England), a Zenith watch wins the first prize (among 19,835 watches from all over the world) with a daily rate of 0.6 seconds.


The 22”’ pocket watch caliber 5011 K, introduced in 1960, sets a new – and still valid! – record for precision in its class at the Neuenburg Observatory contest.

Zenith watch
Zenith watch

To date, Zenith has won 1,565 first prizes in observatory precision contests – this is the world record.

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